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Trados Translator's Workbench 7 - compatible

CATCount Overview:

CATCount is useful software tool for translation industry professionals. It greatly eases task of accounting of Computer Assisted Translation jobs.

CATCount does this by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number, i.e. CATCount. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original word counts, and resulting CATCount. word count analysis logs of Trados Translator's Workbench are processed automatically.

The very concept of using single number is not new, and has been used extensively by many translation agencies worldwide under various names: leveraged word count, weighted word count, equivalent word count, etc.

Because while regular distribution of word count information distinct categories by CAT Tools (Trados, SDLX, Deja Vu, Star Transit) is useful for analysis in general, it is not very comfortable for accounting. CATCount takes the solution to the problem to the next level by providing easy interface, which can be shared between translation agencies and freelance translators, and within translator teams.

CATCount is freeware product, feel free to use it for unlimited time and share with your colleagues.

Setting Up CATCount Scheme

You can load CATCount Scheme from file with .cat extension or enter it manually.

Manual entry is possible by altering numbers in Percentage payment of full word rate column:

Using Load command of Scheme menu you can automatically load scheme, which was saved before by Save/Save As commands in Schemes folder or other folder on your hard drive. and CATCount Scheme are installed by default. Their purpose is to illustrate work of CATCount only, actual CAT schemes can differ in various translation agencies.

Entering word counts:

You enter word counts of particular translation job in Words column:

Total word count is displayed in a panel below individual word counts (XTranslated, Repetitions, 100%, 95%-99%, 85-94%, 75%-84%, 50%-74%).

Alternatively, if you have Trados Translator's Workbench analysis log file you can click Load Log button on the left of total word count panel to load this log automatically:

Using CATCount results :

After setting up CATCount Scheme and entering word counts of your translation job or translation quote, you will see result of calculation in Total CATCount panel, right below individual (XTranslated, Repetitions, 100%, 95-99%, 85-94%, 75-84%, 50-74%, No Match) CATCounts (equivalent word counts to be paid at full word rate).

Now you can use this single number in your accounting program as correct plain equivalent of Computer-Assisted Translation Job, to be paid by your client at a full rate.

If you are using Translation Office 3000 or Projetex 2005 (accounting and project management products by Advanced International Translations), you have probably invoked CATCount from within them, and CATCount will be automatically entered in proper field of translation job or translation quote.

Apart from using CATCount number itself, you can copy to clipboard, export or print complete results of your count using Output menu.

To run export of results click on Export command of Output menu.

Exporting Data dialog box appears:

Select necessary export format in Export format drop-down list. You can export CATCount results into the following formats:
Microsoft Word (.DOC)
Hyper Text Markup Language (.HTML)
Microsoft Excel (.XLS)
Text (.TXT)
Rich Text (.RTF)
Comma Separated Text (.CSV)
Tab Separated Text (.CSV)

You can choose whether you want to View only CATCount results or Export to file.
If you select View Only option...

results will be written into temporary file and displayed immediately.
If you select Export to file option...

Save CATCount Results dialog box appears asking you to choose location and file name.

Clipboard command of output menu outputs CATCount results into clipboard in text format, print command prompts to select a printer and sends results to printer.


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